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About Us

Unleashing Creativity, Empowering Minds: Straits Heritage Labs - Where Neurodivergent Talents Shine

At Straits Heritage Labs, we go beyond art competitions and exhibitions. We work tirelessly to provide specialized education, skill development programs, and vocational training for autistic children. Our awareness campaigns, advocacy efforts, and community engagement activities foster understanding, acceptance, and inclusion. We also offer support services for families, parent/caregiver training, and collaborate with researchers and stakeholders to contribute to policy changes and systemic improvements.

Our Story

It was during the festive occasion of the Chinese New Year in 2022 that I had the pleasure of meeting Professor Ong Sing Goh. We were introduced at a bustling business event, where conversations usually revolved around potential collaborations for other ventures. Little did I know that this chance encounter would mark the beginning of an extraordinary journey.

As we engaged in conversation, I was captivated by Professor Ong's unwavering passion for supporting autistic children. It was evident in every word he spoke and in the dedication he showed, even beyond his academic commitments. Despite his busy schedule, he tirelessly provided artistic training, arranged training halls, and sought resources to empower these children. He even went the extra mile by personally following up with the autistic kids and their families, ensuring their progress and well-being.

Inspired by Professor Ong's deep commitment, I began to contemplate ways in which we could collaborate. Drawing from my background in finance, an idea began to take shape—a vision that merged business practices with a profound sense of purpose. I firmly believed that by combining our strengths and resources, we could sustain and support the organization in even more impactful ways.

Thus, our partnership was forged, driven by a shared belief in the transformative power of uniting business acumen with unwavering commitment. Since that serendipitous meeting, Professor Ong and I have embarked on a tireless journey together. We continually seek innovative approaches to sustain and expand Straits Heritage Labs, ensuring its long-term viability and amplifying its impact.

With our diverse expertise and unwavering dedication, we remain steadfast in our mission to empower neurodivergent children, with a special focus on those on the autism spectrum. Our journey stands as a testament to the incredible possibilities that emerge when business and passion converge. Together, we strive to nurture an environment where these exceptional children can thrive, express their creativity, and be celebrated for their unique talents.

It is through our collaborative efforts that Straits Heritage Labs continues to flourish, making a lasting difference in the lives of these extraordinary children. We are committed to building a brighter future, where their potential knows no bounds, and where the fusion of business and compassion paves the way for meaningful change.

Eddie Yeo, 

Co-founder of SHL 

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