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[Showcase] Meet our talented artist - Hao Wen

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

Hiew Hao Wen, 13, has won the Highest Honour Future Master Award at the Asia Pacific Children’s Painting and Calligraphy competition for the Pacific region.

A talented artist, Hao Wen also won a gold and a silver award for his paintings.

Since 2018, he had been coached in acrylic painting; recently, he was trained in Deep AI which helps him to produce more beautiful paintings and in unlimited copies that he can sell.

On Deep AI, Hao Wen is coached by Prof Goh Ong Sing of Universiti Teknikal Melaka.

Prof Goh, who is also co-founder of the Autism Art Gallery, had invented the Deep AI technique while researching on AI at the Alan Turing Lab, University of Manchester.

Hao Wen, who was diagnosed with autism, has difficulty in social communication and emotional regulation.

But with some coaching and attention from the Autism Art Gallery adoption program, he shines as an artist. The competition is open to all special children with OKU certification, between 3 and 18 years old. Participants compete within the Asia Pacific region for the highest honour, future master, gold, silver and bronze medals as well as excellence awards.

More special artists from Malaysia are encouraged to take part in this competition; it is hoped that children with special needs can express their inner emotions and share their spiritual world through art.

To enter the competition, they just have to take a photo of their entries, attach their OKU certification, fill in the information listed and email to

Each qualified special contestant can submit one entry for free per season; the certificate of entry will be printed with the name of the contestant, a photo and title of the artwork as well as the milestones of each contestant’s growth in the field of art.

This activity requires the active co-operation and participation of the parents of special children, special education institutions, special schools and social enthusiasts.

The competition, which is part of a long-term program, is organized by the Asia-Pacific Children’s Painting and Calligraphy Competition – Charity Committee, that was set up with support from The Asia-Pacific Youth Arts Association (APYAA), Southeast Asia branch.

APYAA is a scientific research institution and professional college jointly engaged in artistic creation, established with the approval of the Government of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of China, and headquartered in Shangdong, mainland China.


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